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TA Instruments DHR3 Rheometer

Bard Hall B56

The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer is a rotational shear rheometer with a range of measurement options that include viscosity, shear stress, storage and loss modulus, strain, and phase angle. The geometries available include 40 mm parallel plate, 25 and 40 mm 2° cones, and cup and rotor with options of a vaned or conical rotor. It has three heating system options, peltier plate, peltier concentric cylinders, and an environmental test chamber. Specifications:

  • Torque, minimum oscillation 0.5 nN*m, minimum steady shear 5 nN*m, maximum 200 mN*m;
  • Torque resolution, 0.05 nN*m;
  • Frequency, 1.0E-07 to 100 Hz, Angular velocity, up to 300 rad/s;
  • Strain step time, 15 ms;
  • Rate step time, 5 ms;
  • Maximum normal force, 50 N;
  • Normal force sensitivity, 0.005 N;
  • Normal force resolution, 0.5 mN;


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Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57
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