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Invest and Invest-NY Projects with Industry Partners

Fill the Invest or Invest-NY request forms and describe your project to help us identify  the most appropriate Cornell expert for your needs!



INVEST Request Form

INVEST_NY Request Form


The Invest program (formerly ICP) provides industry with a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to work with Cornell faculty members and benefit from their expertise in materials science to solve pressing technical issues related to materials.

The program is open to large and small businesses.  A project can start at any time. There is no cap in budget and duration.

Invest provides 10% of matching funds to companies from out of State (not to exceed $7,500 per project).

Invest-NY for NYS businesses: 

The Invest-NY program is open ONLY to NYS Businesses. It operates in the same way as Invest.

Invest-NY provides 25% of matching funds to NYS businesses (not to exceed $12,500 per project).

The goal of Invest-NY is to provide a fast and flexible way for NYS businesses to conduct R&D project with a Cornell faculty member, or to pursue the development of a system/technology/prototype beyond proof-of-concept, leading to scale-up and manufacturing. It could complement the JumpStart program and fill the gap between JumpStart and the Jeff Lawrence Manufacturing Innovation Fund, SBIR and other sources of funding.

Invest and Invest-NY Process:

1- Invest is a flexible rolling process. Calls for projects will be posted in February, May, August and November but companies can submit a request and a project description at any time.

2- Companies are asked to fill the Invest request form and describe their project to help us identify the most appropriate Cornell expert for their needs.

Faculty members have been grouped under seven research/technology areas; however, other fields and types of expertise are also represented at Cornell. The CCMR will identify the appropriate Cornell expert as a function of the company’s project.

3-  Answer the question relative to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you wish to exchange certain proprietary information relating to your respective know-how, products and businesses for the purpose of evaluating a project and a possible collaboration.

4- Once the company and the Cornell expert finalize the scope of work, the duration and the budget, the CCMR will provide 5% of matching funds to help the company fund the project.

Benefits of Invest and Invest-NY:

  • Rapid, effective, low-cost  entry to materials experts for large and small businesses from NY State and beyond
  • Flexible rolling process. Calls for projects will be posted in February, May, August and November but companies can submit requests at any time.
  • ONLY 10 % of administrative costs
  • Matching funds from the CCMR: 10% for out of state companies; 25% for NYS businesses
  • Low-cost access to the CCMR Shared Facilities
  • Complimentary registration to the annual CCMR Symposium
  • Networking opportunities with Cornell faculty and partnering companies
  • Early access to potential employees (i.e., students)
  • Internships and industrial residence program (research fellows)
  • Depending on the scope and duration of the project, the industry partners will fund projects at four minimum levels:


The Invest-NY matching funds are provided through a matching grant from Empire State Development (ESD) to the CCMR. The Invest-NY request form includes a question on the project’s projected impact for the business and for the economic growth of the region.

The NYS’s Empire State Development (ESD) office requires us to report annually economic impacts that resulted from the CCMR-funded collaboration to demonstrate return on the state’s investment. The partner companies will be contacted by the CCMR up to 5 times over the following 5 years after the completion of the project to assess their satisfaction with the project and its business impact.

The CCMR will write press releases, success stories and articles with the collaboration of the industrial partners to showcase the CCMR program and the partner company.

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