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The Asylum MFP-3D is an extremely versatile, research-oriented scanning probe microscope on an Olympus IX-71 inverted optical microscope platform. The 3D closed-loop scanner has a 90 µm range and 5 Å resolution in the X and Y directions, and a 15 µm range and 0.6 Å resolution in the Z direction. In addition to basic contact and tapping (AC) mode topographic scanning, unique or superior capabilities of the MFP-3D (and its associated modules) include:

  • Precise cantilever force/stiffness measurements
  • Conductive probe AFM and other electrical techniques via the ORCA module
  • High-voltage piezo force microscopy (PFM)
  • Measurements in fluids (liquid droplet or gas/liquid in a sealed cell)
  • Measurements in controlled humidity environments via the humidity sensing cell
  • In-situ measurements of growth processes via the electrochemical cell
  • Measurements requiring optical excitation of the sample and/or inverted viewing through a transparent substrate
  • Nanolithography and related techniques
  • Automated sample property (force curve, I-V curve, etc.) point mapping
  • High-resolution scanning (up to 4096 points and lines)
  • Fluorescence optical microscopy (details)
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Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21

Secondary Contact

Jonathan Shu
Clark Hall, Room 633
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