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Shared Facility User Fees, NDAs, etc.

The rates listed in the PDFs below are the current rates charged for usage of CCMR Shared Facility Instruments for academic and industry usage, respectively. Rates charged are subject to change at any time.

We hope that you will find the CCMR Shared Facilities to be among the best in the world, not only in instrumentation but in the professional staff expertise that is available to any researcher. The facilities are supported in part by our NSF grant (DMR-1719875) and by Cornell University. User fees (links below) are charged for instrument usage and staff time, and these fees are evaluated annually following all University, federal and OMB guidelines. Fees support ongoing maintenance and staff efforts required to keep such analytical facilities operating.

We ask that all facility users acknowledge our grant number in any published work. Any questions can be directed to ccmr-facilities@cornell.edu.

CCMR Facility Academic Rates
CCMR Facility Industry Rates

Companies requiring non-disclosure agreements are encouraged to email ccmr_industry@cornell.edu for a copy of the Cornell standard NDA form. Using this is a starting point should expedite processing of any NDA agreements.


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