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FEI/Thermo Fisher Titan Themis CryoS/TEM 60-300kV

Physical Sciences Building Rm B-91

The FEI CryoS/TEM is the result of NSF MRI award (1429155) and is the first monochromated, high-resolution cryo-S/TEM of its kind. This instrument is capable of imaging inorganic and organic materials at the nanoscale. It is equipped with a Field Emission Gun (X-FEG), a monochromator, probe corrector (STEM) and the availability of single and double tilt holders for room temperature and cryo work. The microscope is set up for data collection at 60, 80, 120, and 300 kV providing resolutions of up to 0.08 nm.

This revolutionary instrument allows for imaging of materials samples, such as batteries and how they degrade over time, and the study proteins and cellular components in native-like state at cryogenic temperatures. The cryo-S/TEM bridges the fields of materials and biological sciences, providing a unique platform to conduct interdisciplinary (biology, engineering, chemistry, and physics) research at atomic resolution. Samples ranging from rechargeable batteries, crystals, to isolated proteins and cells can be imaged seamlessly.

Available modes for data acquisition include: TEM, cryoTEM, cryo tomography, Bright Field/Dark Field TEM/STEM, EELS, STEM, Lorentz TEM/STEM, and Low Dose imaging along with specialized holders necessary for preserving samples. The Cryo-S/TEM is equipped with a Gatan GIF Tridiem energy filter for EELS and high resolution single particle applications, a retractable cryo box for conducting data acquisition of materials and biological samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures, an FEI Ceta 16M camera a K2 Summit direct detector.

Titan Themis STEM datasheet

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Safety access information

Reservation Rules:
2-week reservation window in FOM. One reservation during work hours (8AM to 5PM, M-F) permitted during the current 2-week window. Contact manager for any reservation exceptions.

No reservation restrictions outside of work hours.

Users should be familiar with TEM/STEM imaging before requesting access to the system. This instrument is heavily booked (two weeks in advance), thus there may be a waiting period before the microscope is available for training.

Examples of data obtained on this instrument (clicking on the image will open it on a new page and in high resolution):

Primary Contact

Mariena Silvestry Ramos
PSB Room G-07
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