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WITec Alpha300R Confocal Raman Microscope

Bard Hall SB30

The Alpha300R can be used to investigate existing chemistry, track chemical bonds through a process, investigate crystalinity, image strain fields, and measure photoluminescence.  Minimum sample volumes of less than a µl are possible since the analysis is taking place through a microscope. Thin films are very common and in some cases monolayers can be measured.

The Alpha300R incorporates 2 laser excitation sources (532 nm and 785 nm), an advanced confocal microscope, 2 high throughput spectrometers and software capable of powerful multivariate analysis into a system that is built around spectral mapping. See the example below for more information on spectral mapping.




Spatial Resolution:

  • X, Y (in focal plane): ~3oo nm depending on laser excitation
  • Z (normal to focal plane): ~800 nm depending on objective numerical aperture and laser excitation

Diffraction Gratings:

  • For use with 532 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm
    • 1800 l/mm
  • For use with 785 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm

Spectral Resolution

  • ~3 cm-1 with 300 l/mm
  • ~0.5 cm-1 with 1200 l/mm
  • ~0.1 cm-1 with 1800 l/mm

Required Concentrations:

  • in general concentrations of samples need to be on the order of ~parts per thousand to acquire a spectrum with a good signal to noise ratio.

Available Objectives:


  • 5x
  • 20x; 0.50 N.A.
  • 50x LWD; 0.50 N.A.
  • 100x; 0.90 N.A.


  • 20x dipping
  • 40x dipping
  • 63x dipping
  • 63x oil immersion; 1.4 N.A.
  • 100xLWD

Information and SOP:

For rates information, please see the rates page.

WITec SOP 20200901


Primary Contact

Kevin Silverstein
(607) 254-3307
Thurston Hall, Room 113

Secondary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Bard Hall, Room B-57
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