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WITec Alpha300R Confocal Raman Microscope

Bard Hall SB30

The Alpha300R can be used to investigate existing chemistry, track chemical bonds through a process, investigate crystalinity, image strain fields, and measure photoluminescence.  Minimum sample volumes of less than a µl are possible since the analysis is taking place through a microscope. Thin films are very common and in some cases monolayers can be measured.

The Alpha300R incorporates 2 laser excitation sources (532 nm and 785 nm), an advanced confocal microscope, 2 high throughput spectrometers and software capable of powerful multivariate analysis into a system that is built around spectral mapping. See the example below for more information on spectral mapping.




Spatial Resolution:

  • X, Y (in focal plane): ~3oo nm depending on laser excitation
  • Z (normal to focal plane): ~800 nm depending on objective numerical aperture and laser excitation

Diffraction Gratings:

  • For use with 532 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm
    • 1800 l/mm
  • For use with 785 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm

Spectral Resolution

  • ~3 cm-1 with 300 l/mm
  • ~0.5 cm-1 with 1200 l/mm
  • ~0.1 cm-1 with 1800 l/mm

Required Concentrations:

  • in general concentrations of samples need to be on the order of ~parts per thousand to acquire a spectrum with a good signal to noise ratio.

Available Objectives:


  • 5x
  • 20x; 0.50 N.A.
  • 50x LWD; 0.50 N.A.
  • 100x; 0.90 N.A.


  • 20x dipping
  • 40x dipping
  • 63x dipping
  • 63x oil immersion; 1.4 N.A.
  • 100xLWD

Low temperature operation 
With the use of a cryostat, Raman spectra can be acquired across a wide range of temperatures from 4.2 K to 500 K.  Cryostat operation is possible with Liquid Helium but also with liquid Nitrogen for more convenient and economical testing above 77 K.  The cryostat also features an electrical feedthrough with 10 solder studs for electrical connections to a sample or chip.  Please contact the facility manager for more information regarding this capability.

Information and SOP:

For rates information, please see the rates page.

WITec SOP 20200901


Primary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Thurston Hall, Room 113

Secondary Contact

Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57
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