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WITec Alpha300R Confocal Raman Microscope

Bard Hall SB30

The WITec Raman is an advanced confocal Raman microscope that combines fast imaging, high spectral sensitivity and spatial resolution with excellent analysis software into a system designed around spectral imaging.  The system has 2 lasers – 532 nm and 785 nm – and 2 spectrometers covering shifts in the visible and near infrared range.  Raman shifts within ~100 cm-1 of the excitation frequency can be measured.

The system has high confocality and boasts a minimum depth slice of ~350 nm, enabling users to take 2D and 3D spatial maps of Raman intensity over areas as large as several square cm.  Using 3D volume mapping of moderately absorbing samples, the Raman intensity can surveyed to depths of multiple microns into the sample.  System capabilities are listed below:


  • For use with 532 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm
    • 1800 l/mm
  • For use with 785 nm laser:
    • 300 l/mm
    • 1200 l/mm

Available Objectives:

  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x; 0.50 N.A.
  • 50x LWD; 0.50 N.A.
  • 100x; 0.90 N.A.
  • 63x oil immersion; 1.4 N.A.
  • 100xLWD

Low temperature operation 
With the use of a cryostat, Raman spectra can be acquired across a wide range of temperatures from 4.2 K to 500 K.  Cryostat operation is possible with Liquid Helium but also with liquid Nitrogen for more convenient and economical testing above 77 K.  The cryostat also features an electrical feedthrough with 10 solder studs for electrical connections to a sample or chip.  Please contact the facility manager for more information regarding this capability.

Information and SOP:

For rates information, please see the rates page.

WITec SOP 20181023

Primary Contact

Philip Carubia
Bard Hall, Room B-57

Secondary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Thurston Hall, Room 113
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