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Portable Helium Leak Detectors

Clark D21

Two portable leak detectors are available for helium leak testing on vacuum systems or parts.  Both detectors are equipped with carts for easy transportation; please consult with the facility staff if you would like to use one outside of the Physical Sciences Complex.  Users may borrow a helium cylinder and/or a regulator/flow meter/spray gun assembly for testing purposes.  Both detectors include a ‘sniffer’ accessory for detecting outflow of internal helium, e.g. from cryogenic systems.

Varian 979 leak detector







The Varian 979 uses a rotary vane backing pump and may be used on any vacuum system or part.  It is capable of detecting leaks down to 10-9 atm-cc/sec.


Pfeiffer ASM 340 leak detector












The Pfeiffer ASM 340 uses a scroll pump and may only be used on vacuum systems or parts that have not been pumped with oil-based pumps; users must consult with the facility staff to discuss this requirement prior to use and to receive authorization.  In addition to 4He, it can also detect 3He and H2. It is capable of detecting leaks down to 10-13 atm-cc/sec.

Pfeiffer ASM 340 product page

Standard Operating Procedure

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Primary Contact

Steve Kriske
Clark Hall, Room D-21

Secondary Contact

Jonathan Shu
Clark Hall, Room 633
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