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Retired (Novocontrol Broadband Dielectric Spectrometer)

Bard Hall B56

A high precision impedance analyzer that operates over a broad frequency range. Temperature control unit enables molecular relaxation, conductivity, phase separation/transition, activation energy, rate of blending, aging, curing, and other studies. Impedance range: 0.01Ω to 1014Ω Loss factor resolution: tanδ < 3×10-⁵ ( ~ 0.001° phase resolution) | Frequency range: 3 μHz to 10 MHz Temperature range: -160°C to 400°C

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Primary Contact

Mark Pfeifer
(607) 255-4161
Bard Hall, Room B-57

Secondary Contact

Kevin Silverstein
(607) 254-3307
Thurston Hall, Room 113
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