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Measure Sizes Now with Optical Microscopes (Jan 2014)


The Duffield 231 Prep Lab is happy to announce the acquisition of two Lumenera Infinity 2.0 MegaPixel CCD cameras for their DIC/Polarized and Olympus Darkfield light microscopes. The cameras and software have greatly increased the usefulness of these microscopes since the attached PC software allows a wide array of image capture measurements (point to point, radius, rhombus, etc.) both accurately and easily! There is a quick-start sheet between the microscopes as well as a calibration slide so all your measurements will be accurate ones.
The attached PC has internet access for simple drag and drop of images into your Gmail or Cornell email accounts (NO memory sticks allowed). Please contact John Grazul (jlg98@cornell.edu) for further information or training.

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