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Technical Investments Evaluation


The instruments available in the CCMR facilities are used by startups as well as by established businesses. Startups cannot afford such resources. The CCMR facilities often become their only R&D lab. Established companies use them to evaluate specific instruments, which constitute large investments even for such businesses.

A worldwide manufacturer of innovative and specialty glasses was able to work and train with an ultra-high resolution microscope at the CCMR facilities for three years before deciding to purchase one of its own. The company relied heavily on CCMR technical staff to justify the microscope purchase, which required an extremely large financial investment. CCMR staff was able to show the company that it could customize use of the microscope for its own needs. They helped the company develop and define procedures that fit its applications. The company decided then to purchase the microscope. Its collaboration with CCMR staff continues, for employees training and for the development of new procedures.

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