HomeThe CCMR and its partners in the News!

The CCMR and its partners in the News!

Turning DNA from organic matter – such as onions, fish and algae – into biodegradable gels and plastics.

New discovery will lead to the creation of energy-efficient magnetic storage devices

CCMR partners showcased by the Hardware Scaleup Program

Halomine, Ithaca, novel, long-acting, household and institutional products that create anti-microbial surfaces, highlighted by MRS!

Golden Artist Colors showcased by NIST and NYS MEP

SonicMEMS, a New Edge for Electronics

The Folia Water innovation!

Physical forces affect bacteria’s toxin resistance, study finds

Multiplexed C dots track cancer cells to improve patient care

Microcavities save organic semiconductors from going dark

Bone breakthrough may lead to more durable airplane wings

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