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The CCMR and its partners in the News!


CCMR  helped Microbiometer work with Prof. Ketterings, Cornell Animal Science. They used the Microbiometer soil test to analyze the effect on microbial biomass on crop yields.

CCMR helped Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes, a company developing products for people with special needs, optimized its product. They met at the FuzeHub’s Commercialization Competition

CCMR on the FuzeHub panel: Crisis Workarounds: alternate materials, product redesign and remanufacturing.

CCMR and NYSTAR: listen to the CCMR and learn more about the NYSTAR-funded centers

CCMR and 76 West: listen to the CCMR presentation

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CCMR Partners:

EndoGlow makes top 10 list for medical devices

Halomine was awarded $600,000 in federal funding to support groundbreaking research to modernize the way food processing plants sanitize food processing equipment.

Prolific Earth Sciences Project presented by Ben Lehman, Cornell, at the 2020 American Society of Agronomy Annual Meeting

76West 2020 winners: AGreatE, Inc.  received a $500,000 award.

Cornell partners, Ecolectro, Paradigm of NY, and Heat Inverse, are finalists of the 2020 Innovation Fund Competition.

 IFyber receives $4.2MM from DoD to develop novel antimicrobial wound dressings

Halomine NSF-funded anti COVID-19 technology

Environmental Composites, Inc. (ECI), Utica, CCMR partner, developed an alternative manufacturing solution to quickly increase the domestic production of N95 respirators

Kodak tapped to be leader in U.S. prescription drug manufacturing

Startup’s contact tracing tech tracks workplace distancing

Turning DNA from organic matter – such as onions, fish and algae – into biodegradable gels and plastics.

New discovery will lead to the creation of energy-efficient magnetic storage devices

CCMR partners showcased by the Hardware Scaleup Program

Halomine, Ithaca, novel, long-acting, household and institutional products that create anti-microbial surfaces, highlighted by MRS!

Golden Artist Colors showcased by NIST and NYS MEP

SonicMEMS, a New Edge for Electronics

Physical forces affect bacteria’s toxin resistance, study finds

Multiplexed C dots track cancer cells to improve patient care

Microcavities save organic semiconductors from going dark

Bone breakthrough may lead to more durable airplane wings

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