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Instrument Training Policies during COVID-19

(Updated 8/25/20)
Training new users is a fundamental part of our mission at CCMR, both to enable research and provide learning opportunities to students and professional researchers. In order to limit the spread of COVID-19, we are attempting to limit the number, length, and proximity of personal interactions that are required to train new users of instruments, while still developing the necessary skills to produce reliable scientific results and to safely use the instrumentation. With this in mind, we will offer a variety of training options, which will depend in part on instrument location and complexity, as determined by CCMR facility staff. Those options include

  • In-person training,
  • Short duration in-person training,
  • Video training – registered FOM users can find training links through the ‘Documents’ tab in FOM, (updating in progress)
  • Remote training – assistance via webcams, TeamViewer, and/or Zoom,
  • Hybrid training – often involving the user watching a training video, followed by a brief in-person check that the user can perform necessary hardware operations on an instrument and then remote assistance during initial measurements.

Instruments for training during COVID-19:

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