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Research Experience for Teachers

There is no RET Program for Summer 2022. We hope to have the program in 2023. Contact us if you are interested in participating


 Team-RET provides middle school, high school and community college math and science teachers with an intense, six-week period of in-depth  study at the CCMR laboratories with facility managers, faculty, and graduate students. In the Team-RET program, five select science teachers  spend the first five weeks primarily in the CCMR Shared Facilities. They work together as a team to understand how the equipment in the facility  works and to solve research problems set out by the facility manager. The sixth week is dedicated to developing a materials science related  lesson plan based on their experience in the facilities.

You can access complete lesson plans developed by the teachers who have completed the Cornell RET program from 1999 to 2021 here.


We will also be offering an Independent-RET program this summer as well. This opportunity is only available to teachers who have completed the  CCMR Team-RET program.

“The RET program here was exciting, engaging, thought provoking and edifying. I was exposed to instruments I had only heard about and understood in theory… I can’t thank CCMR enough.”

~Sydney Mendez, Chemistry Teacher, Nottingham High School, Syracuse, NY

For more information on the Team-RET and Independent-RET programs please see our RET FAQ’s page.

COVID-19 Notice

Due to the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 situation in New York, the CCMR reserves the right to make modifications to the RET Program features and requirements. The CCMR is planning to host an in-person program, however, circumstances might require the CCMR to cancel.


All accepted candidates will be required to sign our acceptance form prior to arriving on campus for the 6-week program.

Application deadline:
Notification of Acceptance:


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