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Surface modification of polymer nanofibers for protein adsorption

Professor: Margaret Frey

Project Description
: In this work, the surface chemistry of polymer nanofibers will be improved for protein adsorption. The purification of proteins has become one of important requisites in present life science research, pharmaceutical field, and biomedical industry. Purified proteins are required for many experimental applications such as structural studies and in vitro biochemical assays. Therefore, several purification methods such as centrifugation, ultrafiltration, adsorption, and chromatography have been developed. Among them, adsorption is in particular interest because of its cost-efficiency, time-efficiency and ease in processing. Electrospun nanofibrous membranes with appropriate functional groups are promising adsorbents for protein adsorption because of their high surface area, high porous structure, ease of surface functionalization, and robust mechanical properties. In this study, plasma treatment method will be used to introduce adsorption functional groups on the nanofibers surface for capturing proteins. The morphology, chemical structure, mechanical properties, and protein adsorption performance of the nanofibers will be examined.

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