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Iron-Impregnated Biochar for Arsenic and Fluoride Filtration

Professor: Matthew Reid

Project Description
: Groundwater in many regions of the world has elevated concentrations of arsenic (As) or fluoride (F) (in some cases, both), and there is a need for low-cost materials that act as adsorbents for anionic contaminants like As and F. Biochar is a high surface area material formed from the pyrolysis of organic biomass, and when the biochar surface is coated with iron oxide minerals it can serve as an effective adsorbent material for As and F. The goals of this summer project will be to test methods for impregnating biochar with iron oxides, characterize the iron coatings using X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, and evaluate the adsorption of As and F by iron-impregnated biochar using laboratory sorption isotherm experiments.

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