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Instrument access and training

It is recommended you approach Mariena and/or Katie for cryoEM related inquiries. Typically we’ll meet one-on-one to discuss your goals, sample(s), and timeline. Katie and Mariena are available in the Physical Sciences Building. Once the goals of the experiment are established, new users should request access to FOM for access to instrument calendar(s) and bookings. Users should coordinate with facility managers for individual training. The overall goal is for users to learn how to prepare (stain and freeze) samples and perform data collection themselves. To this end,  hours of training should be completed at Duffield Hall and/or 20 hours should be completed at Physical Sciences. Typical workflow is as follows:

  1. Meet one-on-one with managers to discuss project(s), timeline and goals.
  2. Request access to FOM.
  3. Perform negative stain experiment(s) for initial visualization and sample characterization.
  4. Optimize amount of sample, dispersity, quality and determine feasibility of the project.
  5. Complete training on the BioTwin (negative stain and initial cryo experiments).
  6. Sample optimization for cryo conditions on the Arctica .
  7. Determine if what voltage(s) is (are) needed for desired results.
  8. Data collection and interpretation.
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