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Student Internships for NY State Businesses

Summer Internships provide entrepreneurial students with opportunities to gain essential experience in small to mid-sized businesses. CCMR and Entrepreneurship At Cornell are collaborating to offer student internships to NYS companies.

The CCMR will provide 20% of matching funds not to exceed $1,000 to selected companies developing products or technologies related to materials.

Manufacturing and R&D NYS small to mid-sized businesses from the following industry sectors are eligible: materials, chemistry, energy, pharmaceuticals, food, and textile.

Students from the following departments and colleges are eligible: College of Engineering, and Departments of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Physics, applied Physics, and Food Science.

If you think that you might qualify for this funding, contact Internship Director Debra Moesch at 607-254-2802 (dlm8@cornell.edu)

More information at http://eship.cornell.edu/internships/

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