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CCMR Symposium


2019 CCMR Symposium

“Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion”

May 22, 2019

Electrifications of transportation and energy storage are rapidly growing, aided by increasing investments in storage technologies in both private and governmental sectors. These investments have enabled modern lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, which are now widely used in electric vehicles, portable power units, and grid storage.  Among the options, lithium–ion batteries are the most mature and are already commercialized. However, to improve the viability and accelerate the adoption of future batteries, new chemistries that can operate in extreme environment, have higher capacity and improved safety, and rely on environmentally friendly and responsibly sourced materials are necessary. Fuel cells have to also overcome challenges in durability, reliability, and scalability. In addition, the development of an infrastructure that can allow for the optimal intersection of supply, demand, and distribution will also be essential to ensure a smooth and successful transition to our electrified future.


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The goal of the CCMR Symposium on Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion on May 22, 2019 is to i) explore recent advances in energy storage materials, batteries and fuel cells from both industry and academia, ii) learn about long-term strategies of global players such as Daimler and GM and emerging ones such as A123 Systems, and iii) form connections with industrial collaborators.

Invited speakers include the 2019 Sproull Lecturer: Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon, Solid State Chemistry and Energy, Collège de France. He will be joined by Dr. Karen Swider Lyons, Director, Laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research, US Naval Research Laboratory; Dr. Andreas Hintennach, Research HV Battery Systems, Daimler AG; Dr. Deborah Myers, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Materials Group, Argonne National Laboratory; Prof. Stanley Whittingham, Chemistry and Materials Science and  Engineering, Binghamton University; Prof. Mark Mathias, Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, formerly at GM;  Dr. Derek C. Johnson, Vice President, Global R&D, A123 Systems, LLC; and Prof. Lynden Archer, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Cornell University, and Founder and Board Member of NOHMs, Rochester, NY, a company developing electrolytes for lithium ion batteries.

poster session will follow the lectures. Industry attendees are invited to present posters, sponsor and exhibit. A few tables will be dedicated to industry attendees’s handouts and brochuresContact us if you want to use this opportunity.

We look forward to your presence at the Symposium.

Profs. Jin Suntivich, Materials Science and Engineering, and Yong Joo, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (program organizers)


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