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Explore for NYS companies

 The goal of Explore is to help NYS businesses by:

  • Lowering the barriers to entry for usage of the CCMR facilities
  • Providing an opportunity
    • To test and explore the viability of a technique
    • To receive training on a new instrument
Join colleagues such as:

This is a first come-first serve opportunity based on the availability of funding and open until June 30, 2018.

Explore will cover 33% (up to $500) of the cost of  an industry user’s “first usage” of the facilities.

A first usage could be:

  • One training session on an instrument new to the user and direct instrument use
  • One training session on an instrument new to the user, instrument use and facility manager labor
  • One session on an instrument new to the user done as a service


How does it work?

1- The industry user has to submit an Explore request, for the CCMR to refer the user to the most appropriate facility manager and to the right instrument.

2- The Industrial Partnership staff will acknowledge reception of the request within the next business day.

a – If the user knows which instrument he/she wants to use and which facility manager to contact, he/she can then contact directly the manager.

b – If the user does not know which instrument to use. The CCMR will identify the appropriate Cornell facility manager as a function of the company’s needs and put them in contact.

3-  Once the facility manager and the industry user have defined a work plan, the industry user will request a CCMR coral account if he/she does not have already one.

4- In the next 15 business days following acknowledgement of his/her request, the industry user will either submit samples, or schedule time for training, for direct or indirect usage, or for facility manager time.


  • List of CCMR instruments 
  • Estimates of costs for training, for combined usage and manager time, and per sample of a group of widely used intruments.
  • CCMR Industry Facilities rates for direct usage.


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