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CCMR Shared Facility Policies

The Cornell Center for Materials Research operates Shared Facilities to enable and facilitate scientific research, particularly in the area of materials science and engineering. The CCMR Shared Facilities are open to all researchers performing non-classified research from within and beyond Cornell University.

CCMR Shared Facilities comply with Cornell regulations, applicable federal, state, and local regulations, University Health and Safety Board requirements, and other university health and safety standards, detailed in the PDF below. User fees are charged to all users to offset the costs incurred in providing scientific equipment and technical expertise.

Researchers who make use of the CCMR facilities must acknowledge this use as follows:
“This work made use of the Cornell Center for Materials Research Facilities supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number DMR-1719875”
Using CCMR Coral and CCMR instrumentation:

  • Users are not to share Coral accounts or passwords. Enabling equipment for someone else’s use is strictly prohibited in all CCMR facilities.
  • Bypassing safety issues or Coral interlocks with the intent of not logging usage is a violation and may result in removal of facility privileges.
  • To use a particular instrument, a user is required to have been trained by facility staff unless specifically posted otherwise.
  • Users are not to move or disturb the work of other researchers unless given permission by facility staff or the researcher. Notify facility staff about unattended samples.
  • Users are expected to remove all samples and to leave the work area in as clean or cleaner condition compared to when they arrived.


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