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Download CCMR Coral client here

CCMR Coral Accounting FAQ’s
1) Billing is generated from Coral at the end of each month and sent to the various departments within 1.5 weeks.
2) It is the responsibility of the account holder (PI, student, department) to inform CCMR of any account changes.
3) Updates to purchase orders can be emailed to CCMR-Coral-Admin@cornell.edu or faxed to 607-255-3957, attention: Adrian Morales
4) Click one of the following links to view your recent CCMR Facilities charges. Login with your Cornell NetID or, for external users, your CCMR Coral ID.
PI Monthly Report: Shows month-to-date spending summary
PI Detail Report: Shows all charges in the last week
5) Send any account updates to CCMR-Coral-Admin@cornell.edu For the following situations, send the following information at a minimum:

a) The following account number ________________ is terminated as of _____/_____/_____. Remove from all Coral accounts or Coral accounts of the following user(s) (Note, if this is the user’s sole account number in Coral, not having an account will render their Coral account inactive and will not be able to log into Coral at all):
b) Replace the following account number ______________ with this account number ________________ , effective _____/____/______ , for the following user(s):
c) Please add this account number to the Coral accounts of the following user(s) (netIDs or names)
d) Please make the following account the default account number that appears in Coral for the following user(s)

Coral is a Java client that enables reservations and billing of CCMR equipment use. If you are a user of the CCMR facilities, or are having samples run for you, you will need to create a Coral account. (note: the CNF Coral system is independent of the CCMR Coral system)
In some cases you may wish to contact instrument managers prior to having the Coral account approved.

  1. To register for a Coral account please see Becoming a CCMR Facility User. Some safety training information must be verified before account approval (see ‘Becoming a CCMR Facility User’). It will take at most 2 business days to set up the Coral account once all information is verified as completed.
  2. Once you have a Coral account set up, you can log into the CCMR Coral client. Click here to download the Coral Java client.
    1. Guest ID accounts will need to log in to VPN if they are connecting from off-campus; instructions can be found here. If they are on campus, there is no need to connect to VPN.
  3. Any technicial issues with Coral, please  see the troubleshooting section or contact ccmr-coral-help@cornell.edu

Using CCMR Coral and CCMR instrumentation

  • Users are not to share Coral accounts or passwords. Any instrument user must be enabled in Coral as themselves.
  • Bypassing safety issues or Coral interlocks with the intent of not logging usage is a violation and may result in removal of facility privileges.
  • To use a particular instrument, a user is required to have been trained by facility staff unless specifically posted otherwise.
  • Users are not to move or disturb the work of other researchers unless given permission by facility staff or the researcher. Notify facility staff about unattended samples.
  • Users are expected to remove all samples and to leave the work area in as clean or cleaner condition compared to when they arrived.
  • Users are responsible for notifying the Coral Admin of any accounting changes. See below.


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